Thursday, November 24, 2011

Celebrity Homes - Captivating Closet Spaces of Fashion Icons

Fashion is what keeps most of the celebrities in the limelight. The requisite of always looking great in front of many fans and not wearing the same clothes all over again entails a rather large closet space in many celebrity homes. From shoes, to suits and dresses, and even to accessories, everything must have its own storage in order to keep the home organized.

To preserve the elegance of a room, the closet space must also be designed to fit in with the theme of the room. Celebrities and fashion icons are known to have the most remarkable closet designs. Here is a list of the best closet designs owned by these famous icons.

Minimalism is what shoe designer Brian Atwood's idea of an uncluttered closet space. His closet has dark surface colors with vintage ornaments. Nate Berkus, a noted designer, was responsible for the furnishings of his closet space.

The creative director of Estee Lauder, Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer, showcases the signature design of her grandmother in her own dressing room in Manhattan. The blue and white color combination can be seen in the walls of the superb closet space. The chandelier was also a captivating accent in the room.

With the help of Martin Lawrence-Bullard, jeweler Loree Rodkin's dressing room matches the passive color scheme of his apartment in Los Angeles. To keep everything organized, numerous shelves and drawers were installed. This also provides enough space to store and display his shoe collection. The whole room was accessorized with vintage furnishings.

Nanette Lepore's dressing room on the other hand, personifies her being a fashion designer. The closet in her Manhattan town house is filled with mirrored cabinets, chests and the set of chandeliers. A velvet couch was set up in the room where Bunny, her toy poodle, perches. She designates a portion of her closet for her designs while the other parts are packed with vintage apparel.

Lastly, Calvin Tsao, a noted architect, opted to go red for Jose Natorie's high fashion wardrobe. Bold red created a classy ambiance in his room in New York. This was just right for the storage of his collection of accessories and shoes. Small details were also designed to match the royal color scheme. Even shoe stuffing were covered with silk coverings.

Like many of these fashion icons, many women and some men are obsessed in collecting variety of accessories and apparel. Ample storage space must be ensured to keep these things well-organized. So before trying to gather too much clothing and shoes, plan a closet space that would suit your storage needs. Most celebrity homes are already designed with such; it's your time to conceptualize yours now!