Monday, July 30, 2012

Reasons to Experience Fawlty Towers Dining

Going out for a meal involves much more than fine wines and delicious gourmet food for many people. Diners want to be entertained and have fun while sampling some of their favourite dishes. One of the most popular themed events in a number of countries is based on the hugely popular British sitcom, Fawlty Towers. The dining is enhanced by the comedic behaviour of actors representing the cast of the famous sitcom. There are many reasons why both fans and newcomers to the popular seventies comedy show should consider a Fawlty Towers dining experience.

One of the best reasons for anyone to consider Faulty Towers dining is the fun they will undoubtedly have. Following a stressful day full of worries and woes, there is nothing more satisfying than watching the antics of a talented group of actors portraying the characters from Faulty Towers. The dining is eventful, with the action taking place throughout the meal, enhancing rather than distracting from the dining experience.

Another reason for fans of the show to experience Faulty Towers dining is to experience just what it would be like to dine in a restaurant belonging to Basil Fawlty. Although he is a hapless character who is clumsy and sometimes obnoxious, a large number of people would love to experience the receiving end of Basil Faulty temperamental character.

An evening of dining out accompanied by chaotic service is very much a nightmare situation for most people - unless you happen to be a fan of the seventies comedy show Fawlty Towers. Dining out while being waited on by Manuel, with Basil hovering around ready to harass the poor waiter, can only prove to be the highlight of the evening for appreciators of the sitcom. The evening also provides an opportunity to see great actors impersonating the characters from Fawlty Towers and improvising a script, which changes every night. The actors work with the audience during every evening's dining experience, making sure that each audience member enjoys the food and the company, along with a unique experience.

Mixing theatre with dinner is becoming much more popular as a leisure activity for people in a variety of countries around the world, experiencing acting at its finest while tucking into a superb meal. The action takes place throughout the dining area rather than on a stage, which provides something unique for the audience. The audience members have the opportunity to be part of an episode of Fawlty Towers, playing their own role in the action. Groups of friends or family members looking for an evening of entertainment will find themselves becoming embroiled in the plot when they opt for a fun Fawlty Towers dining night. The dining experience will only enhance an already enjoyable evening of fun for groups who want to interact with each other on a unique level.

Celebrating a special birthday or other occasion usually requires something a little different from the usual family gatherings or parties. A Fawlty Towers dining experience is certainly an event that will be remembered by everyone.