Friday, August 24, 2012

Fashion Magazine

When I recently advised a client to study a few fashion magazines to glean some ideas for the upcoming season, she flatly refused.
"Skinny girls, expensive clothes - what does that have to do with my life? Nothing!"
Overall, fashion magazines tend to show young, thin, attractive people in their pages for the exact same reason that grocers tend to polish their apples and car dealers tend to have you test drive clean cars: because it sells more. Fashion Marketing 101. Whether you agree with it or not is beside the point; it works -- VERY well.

What a shame that so many teenage girls and women have allowed the slick marketing to muddle their thinking and impact their self esteem. Look at the clothes and the mood that the picture evokes; don't compare yourselves to the mannequins.
In fashion magazines, you'll often see a beautiful girl in gorgeous clothes in an enviable setting surrounded by handsome men. If only, right? It's called projecting, and if you've ever envisioned yourself swapping places with the gal in the picture, the marketers have done their job. THE ADS
Ever wonder why you see so many high end designers advertising in fashion magazines and why the fashion magazines, in turn, show so many of those same designers in their editorial photo spreads? Those one-page ads are VERY expensive, often costing tens of thousands (or more), depending on the magazine's circulation. If you love labels and see a look you like in a couple of fashion magazines and on a favorite celebrity, wouldn't you be more inclined to buy it if you had the money? THE LESSON
So now that we've addressed the models, ads, and editorial spreads, here's what you SHOULD be looking for when you read a fashion magazine (and yes, it's okay to rip out pages and put them in a file for future reference - but only if you own the magazine!):
1. The Trends
Fashion magazines will call them "must have" items, but look at trends skeptically to see whether they fit your body, clothing personality, and lifestyle. Buy cheap, wear often, and discard when then trend is over.
2. The Updated Classics
Most women recognize that classic styles are a good value, and fashion magazines know this. If you have a "thing" for designer labels, high end fashion magazines (Vogue, W, Marie Claire, Town and Country) are a great place to learn about the different fashion house philosophies. Even if you can't afford those brand names, don't fret. 4. Styling Ideas
Styling refers to the way the clothing and accessories are presented in a picture. Look at how the clothes are layered, draped, or wrapped. Look at how the jewelry is worn. 5. Hair and Makeup

Are you in a hair and makeup rut? Peruse a few fashion magazines to see what's hot for theseason. Fashion magazines are a great way to learn all about what's happening in fashion AS LONG AS you remember that they're created to sell clothes and accessories. Forget about the models and the price tags and focus instead on the clothes, trends, and styling ideas that might work for you. Then copy or adapt them to your own budget and lifestyle. Before you know it, you may look like you stepped out of a fashion magazine - whatever your age, shape, size, or budget.